Welcome to the factory. Check out the amazing Chiptunes. This is the official website for Smiker so look for the latest tunes always here :D
NOTE:Neither the music or this site is suitable for epilectic patients.

One day, a friend told him about trackers and he got FastTracker2. Learned the basics of FT2. Now dives searching for new kind of sounds, making the old died machines reborn.

Nintendo Famicom / Nintendo Entertainment System
SPU: MOS 6502 (2A03/2A07)
Chip's Birthday: 1975
Channels: 2 Pulse Square,1 Triangle, 1 Noise,1 DPCM Sample
Software: Famitracker

Tracks 2007-2008 [FTM Format]
For listening on Famitracker.
The Kids Arent Allright
Offspring Cover
Alien Technologies
Space Travel
The Exode
Party Pulsewaving
Japanese Style
Chip Ska
The Angry Videogame Nerd Remix
Great term for remix...
Chip Schranz
Quad Maxine
From Quake II To your Nintendo x]
Rare Stations
Global Changes can Harm Us!
Riders On The Storm
The Doors go Nessy
The Roots Of Coincidence
Pat Metheny Cover
Sounds Like A Memory
Long Night Techno
To The End Of The World
Jazzy Groove
Varial Pop
Simple & Efective as Hell.
World Wide Winner
High-Speed Chip Crisis!

Sega Genesis / Mega Drive
SPU: YM2612FM & Texas Instruments SN76489 PSG
Chip's Birthday: 1989
Channels: 6 x FM Synthesizer
Software: TFM Music Maker

Tracks 2007-2008 [TFM Format]
For listening on TFM Music Maker.
Almost Analogic
Evolutive travel
NAUSERTIAN theme remix
Remixed from Hackers' OST
Yonda People
Fun as the Wild West Saloon :)
Morocco Pursuit
Running across the arabian market
Stoned Jungle
Feels like between monkeys
Acid Techno
Just playing around...
2 Much 4 U
Classical DjSmiker Hit
Extracted from Revolt's OST
La Misticidad
It Started as a Joke...
Very grrovy and short basetune
Siempre Estas Alli
Symphonic Rock turned on FM Guitars...


Return To DBO Team
I have been reintegrated on the DBO (Dragon Ball Online) Team. That means I'll pixelate about 40% of game graphics and will do the map with help of Chris and Paul, from the same team.
This should be a great time.